Sol Summary – March 17th

Summary Title: Starting our Sim

Author: Julielynn Wong

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Crew 206 departed this morning. Crew 207 Greenhab Officer prepared breakfast. Crew 207 Commander submitted yesterday’s food inventory. Crew 207 HSO conducted a safety check. Crew 207 Scientist drafted the cooking and cleaning schedule. Commander cleaned and organized both levels of the Hab and the Science Dome. Greenhab Officer and Crew 207 Engineer/Astronomer began planning tomorrow’s EVA. Crew Scientist prepared lunch with fresh basil seasoning from the Greenhab. Engineer/Astronomer began operations in the solar observatory. Crew 207 completed paperwork and training with the MDRS intern. All 5 crew members successfully test drove the rovers under the supervision of the MDRS intern. Crew 207 completed their EVA spacesuit training.

Crew 207 identified the following useful items that could be 3D printed out of biodegradable, washable plastic at MDRS:

Coat hanger

Bag clip

Soap holder

S hook

Stackable storage bin

Pen storage container


Labware drying rack

Soil sieves

Water dipstick

Selfie stick


Colored straws to help crew members identify their individual cups

Scratch stick for the inside of the EVA spacesuit helmets

Look ahead plan: We are planning an EVA to scout out a location for drone flight testing. We are preparing files to be 3D printed at MDRS to save time and money.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny all day

Crew physical status: Fine


Reports to be filed: Operations, GreenHab, HSO, Scientist, Journalist, EVA Request

Support Requested: None

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