EVA Report – March 19th

Crew 207 EVA Report 19-Mar-2019

EVA #2

Author: Tiffany Ni

Purpose of EVA: The goal of this EVA was to reach the highest point near Cow Dung Road that directly leads into MDRS from the highway turnoff to help us conduct drone mapping and 3D printing a
high-resolution map.

Start time: 1410h

End time: 1600h

Narrative: After a 5 minute depressurization, our EVA team (Julielynn, Kevin, and Tiffany) checked the state of the rovers – they were charged and ready. Kevin and Tiffany drove Curiosity while Julielynn drove Spirit. Our departure from the Hab was at 1410h. We unplugged our rovers and headed out along Entrance Road and turned onto Cow Dung Road. We continued along Cow Dung Road, passing Kissing Camel Ridge and Zubrin’s Head. We parked the rovers along the right side of Cow Dung Road – 100m away from the Cattle Guard – and began our hike. The hills around Cattle Guard did not appear safe for a hike on foot so we decided to walk to the fence instead. Here, we used the GPS device to determine the exact coordinates for our flight planning software for drone mapping (0520349, 4247084). This is far more precise than the approximated coordinates we initially determined from the map of MDRS. Next, we turned the rovers around and drove along Cow Dung Road. We stopped at Zubrin’s Head and again, using our GPS device, we determined the exact coordinates (0519362, 4248196). We arrived back at the Hab at 1600h with 97% battery for Curiosity (84.4h) and 66% battery for Spirit (85.1h).

Destination: Cattle Guard

Coordinates: Cattle Guard (0520349, 4247084), Zubrin’s Head (0519362, 4248196)

Participants: Julielynn Wong (Comms, EVA Leader), Kevin Ho (HSO), Tiffany Ni (SCI)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: Driving and Walking

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