EVA Report – March 22nd

Crew 207 EVA Report 22-Mar-2019
EVA #4

Author: Diane Rothberg

Purpose of EVA: Scout specific areas for launching, flying, mapping and landing drones that will be used to create a 3D printed map of the MDRS Hab area.

Start time: 9:45
End time: 11:45

Narrative: Mapped two areas outlined in drone deploy software. Had drone do video inspection of Hab roof. Had Part 107 novice drone pilots practice flying the drone both manually and automatically.

Destination: Hab area

Coordinates 4255000 x 518000

Participants: Dean Jin (XO), Tom Baldwin (ENG), Diane Rothberg (GHO)

Road(s) Route 1103 staying within 1 km of the Hab

Mode of travel: walking

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