Sol Summary- March 18th

Summary Title : Day #1 of Sim

Author : Julielynn Wong

Mission Status : All nominal

Sol Activity Summary: ENG prepared breakfast. COM and HSO set up a research study in the Science Dome. HSO and SCI planned tomorrow’s EVA. GHO prepared lunch using cilantro and basil from the Greenhab. Weather was clear and sunny for EVA #1 to Zubrin’s Head and Kissing Camels. AST continued operations in the solar observatory. GHO made dinner.

Crew 207 identified the following useful items that could be 3D printed out of biodegradable, washable plastic at MDRS:

Environmental sample container

Toothbrush stand/holder

Selfie stick with attached rearview mirror for EVAs

Conductive stylus for EVAs

Headband with scratcher attachment for EVAs

Contour map for road to MDRS

Look ahead plan : We are planning another EVA to scout out other locations suitable for drone mapping. We are preparing files to be 3D printed at MDRS to save time and money for future crews.

Anomalies in work : None

Weather : Sunny all day

Crew physical status : Fine

EVA : Zubrin’s Head + Kissing Camels

Reports to be filed : Operations, GreenHab, Journalist, Mission Plan, EVA Report, EVA Request

Support Requested : David generously loaned Crew 207 his manual can opener.

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