Journalist Report – March 23rd

Journalist Report March 23, 2019

Journalist: Diane Rothberg

A busy last day of simulation with two EVAs, both of which were similar to yesterday’s.

This morning, we had a great time stumbling up a hill near Pooh’s Corners with our expensive drone and controller, trying not to destroy them. But we were rewarded with a perfect launch site and a gorgeous view. Our camera drone flew its programmed route well and allowed us to keep it in sight at all times.

Tiffany and Kevin were busy in the Science Dome testing out the 3D printed labware they printed at MDRS using biodegradable plastic. The good news is that our colorful devices worked and looked fabulous!

During this afternoon’s EVA, Tiffany got a chance to fly a drone for the first time, and we both performed the control stick comparison. No contest! The new controller is much more intuitive than the traditional controller, and made a clumsy newbie like me feel like a “drone virtuoso!”

After dinner, we are wrapping up the thoracentesis data collection for our crew, and cleaning up MDRS for inspection.

Our last dinner together will be quite ethnic… potato latkes and lentil soup, concluding with one of Tiffany’s excellent desserts…. apple pie “a la Mars.”

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