Science Report – March 23rd

Crew 207

Research Report

Submitted by Crew Scientist Tiffany Ni

3D Printing Projects

Today is the last full day of MDRS for myself and our crew HSO. Our 3D-printing experiments continue to progress. We have completed printing all of our labware, International Space Station medical inventory items, STEM teaching aids, and are now printing some things here and there around MDRS, as well as other miscellaneous 3D printed projects.

To date, we have printed:

1. Western blot combs (18 well combs for making gels)
2. Microscope slide holder (reusable holder for square coverslips)
3. Sieve mesh (2.0mm holes)
4. Sieve structure (for holding the mesh net)
5. Mobile phone microscope clip
6. Sample box (for 96 tubes)
7. Stackable freezer bin
8. Salt spray chamber drain
9. Triangular straws (in a rainbow of colors)
10. Sieve mesh (5.0mm holes)
11. Sieve structure (for holding the mesh net)
12. Slide box holder (for storing microscope glass slides)
13. Test tube rack
14. Test tube holder
15. Sample rotator components
16. Small test tube holder (for the freezer)
17. Heat gun nozzle mount
18. Tongue depressors (in a rainbow of colors)
19. Stoma bag clip (used as a chip bag clip)
20. Full set of fraction tools (mathematics educational tools)
21. Funnels (small, medium, large)
22. Construction blocks
23. 12 tube separator (for Eppendorf tubes)
24. The side part of thoracentesis trainer
25. Customized finger splint (originally printed on the ISS0

During our time at MDRS, our 3D printed straws proved incredibly useful for our crew members. It has helped greatly in our attempts to reduce our water consumption. At MDRS, we have also demonstrated that a number of our 3D printed labware items are functional – as validated by two basic science research students.

Even though we will be leaving tomorrow morning, we will continue to stay in contact with our MDRS crew members and send 3D printable files for incoming crew members to print! (Perhaps some reusable bubble tea straws?)

Signing off,
Tiffany Ni
Crew 207 Scientist

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