Journalist Report – April 3rd

[title Journalist Report – April 3rd]

Crew 208 Journalist Report

Date: April 3rd 2019

Author: Erika Rydberg

Making It Work On Mars

Today we had a number of successes in our experience and travels here on Mars. We successfully printed another 3D map, we were able to fix our non-functioning 3D printer, and Dean and myself had solid one-hour rides on our bicycle to charge the battery we’re using to power our 3D printer.

David, Amanda, and I had an awesome EVA out to check out an area north of the Hab, where the landscape is called Grey Moon. Did it look moon-like? Well we haven’t visited there yet ourselves, but it was surprising and the color description was accurate. We hoped to find fossils, but instead found only the breathtaking landscape in front of us, which was enough to satisfy us on our journey. The longer we stay, the more the landscape continues to be surprising, surreal, and varied.

A short report for today, but as usual we’re never quite sure what tomorrow will hold.

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