Greenhab Report – April 15th

GreenHab Officer: David Murray

Environmental control: Ambient with door open 9:00 to ? (high winds blew the door shut at some point while we were gone)

Shade Cloth: 80%

Low Temperature: 15 C

High Temperature: 37 C

Relative humidity: 17%

Hours of Supplemental Light: 0

Daily Water Usage for Crops: 11 L

Water in Blue Tank: Low, needs refilling

Time(s) of Watering: 11:40

Changes to Crops: None.

Narrative: Crops are looking good but the tomatoes are starting to show signs of nutrient deficiency. I’ll fertilize them with Miracle Grow tomorrow and see if it improves. It’s been hot, but the fan is running on it’s highest setting throughout the hottest parts of the day. The GreenHab door shut at some point before 6:45 due to high winds.

Harvest: None

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