Greenhab Report – April 17th

GreenHab Officer: David Murray

Environmental control: Ambient with door open 10:10 to 19:15

Shade Cloth: 80%

Low Temperature: 17 C

High Temperature: 33 C

Relative humidity: 17%

Hours of Supplemental Light: 0

Daily Water Usage for Crops: 20 L total

Water in Blue Tank: very low, needs refilling

Time(s) of Watering: 10:15 and 15:50

Changes to Crops: None.

Narrative: Temperatures were high again today but the GreenHab stayed fairly cool. The fan was running on the highest setting from 11:00 until around 19:00. Crops are looking healthy but I think it’s been too hot for the flowering tomato plant. The fertilizer and lower temperatures from yesterday seemed to help but it’s still showing signs of stress. Harvested parsley and sage that was used in the crew’s lunch and dinner.

Harvest: 21 g parsley, 1 g sage

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