Greenhab Report – April 18th

GreenHab Officer: David Murray

Environmental control: Ambient, fan on from 0930 to 1900; the door closed.

Shade Cloth: 80%

Low Temperature: 24 C

High Temperature: 33 C

Relative humidity: 15%

Hours of Supplemental Light: 0

Daily Water Usage for Crops: 38 L

Water in Blue Tank: Refilling tank in about one hour

Time(s) of Watering: 1030

Changes to Crops: The tomatoes didn’t like the heat today but they’re alright. Tomato starts haven’t shown much growth but everything else is responding very well to the fertilizer.

Narrative: The door was left closed with the fan on high from 0930 to 1900 with passive exhaust as part of an experiment. The internal temperature stayed warm but fluctuated less drastically than it usually does with the door open.

Although the high was above 30 degrees C, I think the average temperature was right around perfect for all of the crops but the tomatoes (and possibly the beans).

Harvested basil, sage, carrot, and parsley.

Harvest: 7 g basil, 7 g parsley, 15 g carrot, 1 g sage

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