Sol Summary – April 20th

Crew 211 Sol Summary Report 20-APR-2019

Sol: /

Summary Title: Discovering the MDRS

Author’s name: Eléonore Lieffrig

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Today was a day of traveling and discovering the MDRS. Five members of the crew arrived at the station at about 1:30 pm. As Chloé, Julien and I discovered our new home, Carl-Henrik and Simon went back to Grand Junction in order to take the rest of the crew and give back our rental car. At the moment (7 pm), they are still on their way.

We took our marks here, cleaned a bit the Hab, chose our bedrooms and got to know the place. Shannon gave us a brief tour of the station, but a longer training is planned with the whole crew tomorrow morning at 10 am.

Tonight, we will read the Hab manual, welcome the rest of the team, and cook ourselves our first tasty Martian dinner.

For the crew 211,

Eléonore Lieffrig, astronomer

Anomalies in work: No problems.

Weather: Warm and windy

Crew Physical Status: Good.

EVA: No EVA today.

Reports to be filed: GreenHab Report, Operations report, Sol Summary Report

Support Requested: None

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