EVA Report – April 24th

Crew 211 EVA Report 24-04-2019

EVA #3

Author: Simon Collignon

Purpose of EVA: Taking back the rover opportunity to the MDRS and exploring the surroundings of the hab.
Start time:09:00 am
End time:10:30 am

Narrative: The aim of this EVA was to reach the rover opportunity which had a battery failure yesterday on Cow Dung Road in order to drive it back home. After the rover’s rescue, we’ve explored the surroundings of the MDRS in order to have a better understanding of the geology near the Hab.

Destination: Intersection of Stream Bed Connector and Cow Dung Road, Hab View North.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): Latitude: 4251500, longitude: 519000 (Intersection of Stream Bed Connector and Cow Dung Road)
Latitude: 4250900, longitude: 517900 (Hab View North)

Participants: Carl-Henrik Dahlqvist (commander of the EVA), Simon Collignon (medical officer), Chloe Peduzzi.
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: On Cow Dung Road from Hab to Stream Bed Connector then on Cow Dung Road from Stream Bed Connector to Hab. After parking the rovers at the hab, we walked around the MDRS towards North and directly turned towards West in order to reach the Hab View North.

Mode of travel: Driving and hiking

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