Science Report – April 24th

Science Report 24 April 2019 Crew 211 UCL to Mars Submitted by Science Officer Maxime Bernard 1) Commander Carl-Henrik Dahlqvist The 8 CubeSat cases are assembled and two of them are already functional. He is working on the code to increase the size of the cubelanders network. 2) XO Officer All four antennas are assembled and fixed to the poles. At the moment, he is still working on the software side of the project. 3) HSO Officer Benjamin Flasse Every morning and every evening, the HSO still gather data about the mensurations, weight, brain awakeness, tension and pulse of the crew. In the meantime he is also making an inventory of all the first aid kits to ensure they are all complete and reliable. 4) Crew Astronomer Eleonore Lieffrig Our astronomer managed to take pictures of the sun with the telescope and solar eruptions could be seen. She is also preparing the observation of a quasar using the remote controlled telescope. 5) Crew Engineer Julien Amalaberque No major milestone reach for now. 6) Crew Biologist Chloé Peduzzi The crew engineer and the XO managed to inverse the transformer to allow Chloé to use her LED light for her first sample of spirulina. She also placed a temperature sensor near the spirulina to make sure the temperature will never exceed 30°C. She then started her second experiment in which she is going to plant tomato and bean seeds in different medium composed of different quantities of compost/martian soil with mycorrhiza and/or hydrogel which are going to be dry or not. It will finally constitute a total of 16 different medium. 7) Crew Journalist Nathan Pechon We made a meeting during which he presented the voting rules and the different possible regimes available according to the talks we all had with him earlier. During this meeting we voted for the political regime we thought would suit the best an early martian colony. 9) Crew Scientist Maxime Bernard The detector finally arrived in Hanksville and Maxime together with Shannon picked it up around 6:30 pm.

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