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Today was our sixth simulation day.

We woke up at 7:30 am and had breakfast at 8:00.

Like every morning, Benjamin gathers data about the measurements, weight, brain wakefulness, tension, and pulse of the crew. He now has enough data to start analyzing his CFFF-cortical arousal graphics.

A part of the crew went on EVA at 9 am. Fortunately, we didn’t have problems with the battery of the rovers.

Nathan, Benjamin, and Carl went to a special region to find evidence of ancient life.

We climbed the hill and walked in the canyons. This site is quite far from the station. Unfortunately, despite an intense search of a part of the Special Region, we weren’t able to find any trace of ancient life.

We found the entrance of what seemed to be a grand cavity which can be used as a shelter in case of strong solar winds.

At the same time, we received food and medications from Shannon.

Maxime, Eléonore and Simon worked on their experiences. Julien helped Simon on it. Read scientist report for more information.

At 12 am, Nathan and Carl prepared the lunch. We ate rice with beans.

At 2 pm, Crew worked on the experiences. Everybody’s making good progress on them. Carl, Simon, and Benjamin reviewed applications and selected candidates for the next mission at the MDRS. UCL to Mars will recruit a new crew for next year.

At 6 pm, we prepared the Cap Com. Each of us is working on his report and is going to send it between 7 to 9 pm. After the Cap Com, we will eat together.

As usual, we will have a crew meeting to speak about the day.

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