Science Report – April 27th

Science Report 27 April 2019
Crew 211 – UCL to Mars
Submitted by Science Officer Maxime Bernard

1) Commander Carl Dahlqvist

He finished his code yesterday and he still testing it today.

He also tested the hardware side of the main module as well as mounted and tested 4 of the 7 secondary modules.

2) XO Officer

Finishing and testing the trilateration algorithm of his ultra-wide bandwidth system.

3) HSO Officer Benjamin Flasse

Every morning and every evening, the HSO still gather data about the measurements, weight, brain awakeness, tension and pulse of the crew.

He has now enough data to start analyzing his CFFF-cortical arousal graphics.

4) Crew Astronomer Eleonore Lieffrig

Working on the density probability via the Direct Fourier transform method while coding an algorithm that should allow her to verify the non-dependency of the colloidal particles Brownian motion with regards to the gravity.

5) Crew Engineer Julien Amalaberque

He studied the performance and efficiency of simultaneous location and mapping algorithm depending on the resolution of video streams coming from Intel RealSence D435i camera.

6) Crew Biologist Chloé Peduzzi

Spent the day preparing her Petri dish.

7) Crew Journalist Nathan Pechon

We had a new meeting to talk about the value of life on Mars and how to deal with criminality.

He then worked on his own on different law articles that resulted from in what was said the previous talks. He is glad these debates aren’t sterile but on the contrary, very constructive and animated.

8) Crew Scientist Maxime Bernard

Keeping up with the data acquisition. Some issues are already appearing with the counting statistic.

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