Science Report – April 29th

Science Report 29 April 2019
Crew 211 – UCL to Mars
Submitted by Science Officer Maxime Bernard

Commander Carl Dahlqvist

All the Hardware is done and tested and all the CubeSat are all mounted.
Only the software still need to be tested.

XO Simon Collignon

Arrive à dessiner en temps réel le tracé d’objets (RTLS: Real Time Location System)

HSO Benjamin Flasse

This morning Benjamin gathered the data from the sleep monitoring he did on one of the crew member.

Right after that, as every morning, he measured everybody’s weight, tension and brain awakeness and all the usual mensurations.
All CFFF, blood pressure and heart rate graph are done.

Crew Astronomer Eleonore Lieffrig

Tried to deal with the Musk observatory and the tracking system
Finished to compute the Brownian motion generator and the Peclet Number.

Crew Engineer Julien Amalaberque

Managed to align two video flux (color and depth) to successfully compute the real time camera position.
Next step will be to find a way to fix it to the drone.

Crew Biologist Chloé Peduzzi

Every spirulina cultures are going to be checked using an axenicity test which will last 3 days and will allow her to know if any contamination happened.

Crew Journalist Nathan Pechon

We had a meeting during which we discussed about the symbol on Mars(flag,..), the religion and thought freedom and finally about the right for informations.

Crew Scientist Maxime Bernard

Still trying to figure out where the statistic counting problem could come from.
Only few muons can be seen.

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