Sol Summary – April 30th

Crew 211 Sol 9 Summary Report 30-APR-2019

Sol: 9

Summary Title: Storm over Mars

Author’s name: Carl-Henrik Dahlqvist

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: As we had numerous showers during the night, the morning EVA was unfortunately postponed to the afternoon and then cancelled as the weather deteriorated in the afternoon. We therefore worked all day on our experiments. We had an interesting meeting after the lunch to discuss with the crew journalist some articles of our Martian constitution. The experiment of the Commander and the Vice-Commander are now almost ready for field experiment.

Look Ahead Plan: Depending on the weather, we will try again to do a morning EVA to Kissing Camel and an afternoon EVA to Candor Chasma, as the end of our stay is approaching. We will in parallel work on our respective experiments and hopefully be able to start in the afternoon the field experiments with the cubelanders and the geolocation antennas.

Anomalies in work: No issues.

Weather: Showers, mostly cloudy and very windy

Crew Physical Status: Good

EVA: The EVA has been cancelled due to bad weather.

Reports to be filed: Journalist Report, GreenHab Report, Operations Report, Science Report, EVA Request, Daily Photo Report

Support Requested: None

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