Astronomy Refit Crew – Sol 1 – June 3rd

Astronomy Refit Crew

Sol 1

June 3rd, 2019

Crew: Peter Detterline

Gary Becker

Adam Jones

Peyton Zankel

Cole Armstrong

Power: Soc = 76%

Generator on at 22:18

My name is Peyton Zankel and I will be writing the narrative for the Astronomy Refit this week. I am a junior at Moravian College and I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Today at approximately 15:00 Peter Detterline, Gary Becker, Cole Armstrong, and myself arrived on site. Shannon Ruppert gave us a short tour of the facility. After unloading our gear and personal items, Armstrong and I moved into our staterooms before taking a short walk around the site. During this time, Becker and Detterline went into town to collect water for the tanks. After their return, we drove the rovers into town for storage in the off season. We grabbed dinner before we returned to the habitat. We were joined by Adam Jones around 21:00. Armstrong and I called it a night. Becker and Detterline attended to their own projects during the evening.

Accomplished: Moved four rovers to Hanksville

Curiosity: 102.6 Hours 89%

Sprit: 97.7 Hours 92%

Opportunity: 63.8 hours 97%

Sojourner: 61.4 hours 92%

Problems: N/A

Pictures: Picture 1 is of Peyton Zankel’s stateroom, and Picture 2 is of the Habitat during today’s walk. Both pictures were taken by Peyton Zankel.

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