Journalist Report – November 1st

1 Nov 2019 Sol 5 Journalist Report
by Sandy Dance
Last night was a very warm night, largely due to the filter in the heater having been changed yesterday, allowing it run far more efficiently. Today is a very normal day, we have settlled into a routine, the various science projects now proceeding apace.
For instance: at breakfast, lunch and dinner, Dianne our nutrition scientist is beavering away studying the total nutrient loss from food waste. Consequently she carefully weighs our dirty dishes and cooking pots, and again after they are clean and finds the difference. Its a remarkably painstaking task, and also requires a lot of data entry. Its really interesting how much food is wasted, in preparation, plate waste and spoilage. So far total waste is 31 gm per person per day. Total calories wasted all up is 400 calories per day for the group! This would be a significant loss on Mars.
The other major science project, the micrometeorite study, had a big step forward this afternoon. Andrew and Dianne went on EVA and finished the 10 metre grid installation, and began the magnetic sweep. They managed the first two squares (2 m^2) and got a lot of magnetic particles. We are cock a hoop with this development, although since the particles are so tiny, its hard to tell whether they are volcanic magnetite or micrometeorites. It requires a microscope to make the distinction: the meteorites should be spherical, the magnetite shards. We await the chance to have a look.
So after a relaxing meal of chicken, kidney beans, rice and vegetables, we settle back for the evening.

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