Journalist Report Nov 3rd

Journalist Report Nov 3

Journalist: Sandy Dance

Crew 214 Sol 7 Journalist Report

by Sandy Dance

Today is our well earned day off, so I was determined to have a good sleep in. However, I slept until the window became light, check the time, and lo, its still before 7am, our usual wakeup time. I had forgotten about last night being the end of daylight saving time, so I got my extra hours sleep, and stayed on time!

So really, not much to say about today. We took things easy, lazed around, washed ourselves, our clothes, the floor (sound a bit workaholic here!). But its interesting how therapeutic an unstructured day is, running at a different pace. Moreover, the hab is a benign space, easy to let time slip by within, especially with the staterooms providing personal space.

Tomorrow we are back into the fray, with a long EVA scheduled for the micrometeorite experiment. And now we have only 5 full days left, so we will have to schedule our activities carefully to use them well.

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