Journalist Report – November 4th

Mon 4 Nov Sol 8
by Sandy Dance

The two science experiments proceed apace. Dianne’s work happens at each meal, busy weighing and analyzing the food data. Meanwhile, this morning Andrew and I went on an EVA back to the micrometeorite grid, and collected 28 squares worth of particles. We got through more squares today because we had more time, and just went to the site and did one thing without diversions. We may also just be getting more skillful at the complex process of waving the magnet, carefully bagging the collected particles, and attaching the next bag onto the magnet. Very satisfying, but nevertheless, after our return I was quite exhausted.

Tonight the Melbourne Cup runs at 9pm, so we have been preparing special food: jambalaya, sauteed vegetables, and mashed potatoes. To be followed with freshly cooked brownies and a bottle of sparkling, not wine, but Perrier mineral water. Oooh, fancy! Whether have the stamina to stay up for the actual horse race is as yet unknown.

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