EVA Report – Nov 11th

***ATTN: We understand the need to give exact coordinates for safety reasons, so they are included below, however, we believe the previous issues with having our grid disturbed were due to posting the exact location online. To prevent unwanted visitors from the sampling site, are we able to replace the final 3-4 coordinate numbers with XXXX when posting in public? Thank you.***

Crew 215 EVA Report 11 Nov 2019
EVA # 01
Author: Jennifer Lane

Purpose of EVA: Geological Reconnaissance

Start time: 0955
End time: 1215

Narrative: The first EVA for Crew 215 saw us scouting for an appropriate location to set up our 10m x 10m grid (MM5) for the micrometeorite sampling, which will be our 2nd such grid since Crew 214 began. We found an undisturbed location at 518462E 4248949N just off Cow Dung Road to begin setting up the grid with the boundaries.

After a minor issue with aligning the strings to NESW (which we attribute to the crumbly Martian regolith and lack of magnetic poles on Mars, rather than human error) we were able to set up the square, ready for the full deployment on subsequent EVAs.

Just after finishing, our alarm went off signaling 11 am, and so we spent a minute in silence for Remembrance or Armistice Day.

We soon continued on our way south and were able to scout another possible location we’re calling MM6. We took the coordinates of this location (519990E 4248036N) and then continued further south along Cow Dung Road before parking at the junction with road 1101 in search of gypsum, which we were unfortunately not able to find in this location, nor was there a site appropriate for any micrometeorite sampling.

Destination: Drove from the hab, south along Cow Dung Road, where we set up our grid, and then further south on Cow Dung Road to road 1101, before returning to the hab.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 518462E 4248949N and 519900E 4248030N
Participants: Commander Andrew Wheeler, Larissa Wilson, and Jennifer Lane
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road to road 1101.
Mode of travel: Spirit Rover and Curiosity Rover

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