GreenHab Report – November 13th

Crew 215 GreenHab Report 13-11-2019
GreenHab Officer: Guy Murphy
Environmental control: Door left open for ventilation 12 midday then reclosed 5pm.
Average temperatures: –
Hours of supplemental light: Automatic system
Daily water usage for crops: 20 litres (2.5 full blue watering cans).
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes:
Water in Blue Tank – tank was completely filled during afternoon.
Time(s) of watering for crops: 9am, 3pm.
Changes to crops: 2 tomato species, 2 spinach species, rocket planted, rotted Aloe Vera plants removed. The Aloe Vera were most likely over watered, these species preferring a dry sandy soil. The had also some frost damage when delivered.

Established plants introduced to Greenhab 03/11/2019

[3x] strawberry plants (Everbearing), in medium metal planter
[1x] spicy orange thyme (thymus fragantissimus), small terra cotta pot
[1x] lemon balm scented geranium (pelargonium x Melissinum), small terra cotta pot
[1x] Mint Mentha – Berries & Cream, small terra cotta pot
[1x] Pineapple Mint – mentha suaveolens variegated, small terra cotta pot
[1x] Ice plant – Delospermo ‘jewel of the desert garnet’, small terra cotta pot
[1x] Sempervium textorum assorted Hen & Chicks, small terra cotta pot
[1x] Rosemary ‘Barbecue’ (Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Barbecue’), large plastic pot
[1x] Rosemary ‘Spice Island’ Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Spice Island’, large plastic pot
[1x] mint, grapefruit, large plastic pot
[2x] small Aloe Vera, in medium metal planter, frost damaged (removed 1311219)

Seeds Planted in Greenhab 04/11/2019 (Large metal planting tub)

Greek Oregano – Origanum heracleoticum
Chives – Allium schoenoprasum
Sweet Marjoram – Origanum majorana
Lemon Balm – Melissa officialnis
Sage – Savia Officinalis
Thai Basil – Siam Queen
German/Winter Thyme – Thymus vulgaris

Seeds Planted in Greenhab 10/11/2019 (Large metal planting tub)

Corinader – Coriandrum Sativum

Seeds Planted in Greenhab 12/11/2019 (2 smaller planting tubs)

Carrots ‘Purple Sun F1’
Radish ‘icicle’

Seeds Planted in Greenhab 13/11/2019
, in medium metal planter

Other seeds stored in the Greenhab are identified as –

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