Sol Summary – November 13th

Crew 215 Sol Summary Report 13-NOV-2019
Sol: 3
Summary Title: A birthday on Mars.
Author’s name: Andrew Wheeler
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary: Sol 3 had Jennifer wake to a Martian birthday. After a special pancake breakfast, activity in the GreenHab occupied our attention. During this time we were advised of a possible G1 storm the might affect us on the 16/17th. Though we were being filmed and videoed for publicity, we continued with our data collection and preparations for experiments. Equipment designed to retrieve a disabled marstronaut was laid out in preparation for practice. If approved, we will be working through this scenario at the end of the engineering EVA tomorrow. The afternoon saw us returning to the White Moon location (517724E 4254500N) at the junction of Brahe Hwy and Cow Dung
Road where we retrieved gypsum for further experimentation. Unfortunately, our prior activities had been closely monitored and, on arrival, we found that wheel tracks had cut through our previous sample locations and across our boot prints. On return to the hab, Opportunity rover displayed a warning light and cut power 200m from the hab, meaning that the EVA ended on foot. This evening saw a special dinner of focaccia, soup and birthday cake for Jennifer.
Look Ahead Plan: Planning an EVA to MM5 (518462E 4248949N) to resume collection of micrometeorite samples and a demonstration of returning a disable marstronaut into the hab during the afternoon engineering EVA. See EVA requests. Continue monitoring of psycho-social stressors.
Anomalies in work: Opportunity depowered during EVA return to hab.
Weather: Marginally below freezing overnight, light winds, clear skies.
Crew Physical Status: Healthy
EVA: Gypsum sampling EVA. See EVA report
Reports to be file: Sol Summary Report, Operations Report, Science Report, GreenHab
Report, EVA Request, EVA Report, Journalist Report, Daily Photos.
Support Requested: N/A

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