Journalist Report – November 25th

Crew 216 Journalist Report 25-Nov-19

Sol: 1

Author’s Name: Evgenia Alexandrova

After months of travels you finally arrive on Mars, your first day has just began, what do you do? I suppose in life every hour of the mission will be planned years ahead. At the MDRS we woke up this morning with an idea what each of us had to do, still we had to figure out the best way to organize our day. There were two EVAs planned, and we kept ourselves busy the rest of the sol. There was some GreenHab work, observatory testing, and film equipment adjustments. This made me think of whether there is a place for inspiration in space exploration. Or is it only pure discipline that reigns everything there? My guess is during the Mars colonization, discipline wouldn’t work without one thing you need to bring to any great idea to life – motivation. Motivation makes you get up at 0600 before sunrise. Motivation makes you carry 16kgs with you on an EVA. Motivation makes the shower-free days less unbearable. And what is motivation? It is when something constantly occupies your mind, gives you goosebumps, and creates an energy flow within your body. Sounds exactly like inspiration.

Here is a recent creation by one crew member to illustrate what kind of inspiration you can get on Mars:

How to describe a day on Mars

It was our first down from the stars

We went in search of rocks of note

And fixed the solar telescope

We have so much to do and test

We’re glad we’re at MDRS

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