Crew 216 Journalist Report 26Nov2019

[title Journalist Report – November 26th]

Crew 216 Journalist Report 26-NOV-19
Sol 2
Author’sName: Evgenia Alexandrova
Today’s report is all about numbers. It’s Sol 2 on Mars and many things happened for the first time today. Two crew members accomplished their first EVA, while another rinsed seven handfuls of the gypsum collected the day before. There was a first Martian shower (quantity of hot water needed – 3 boiled kettles), calculation of the airlock volume (175.94 cubic feet), and 3,000 words written for the new paper. Ending report with a new poem, this time only numbers (to be read out loud):
1 11 25
25 11
6 13 and 1025
7 7 7

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