Commander Report – November 27th

Crew 216 Commander Report 27-NOV-2019

Sol: 3
Summary Title: More EVAs
Author’s name: Marc Levesque
Crew 216 took advantage of the good weather to continue field work in support of its projects. Of particular note was searching for potential radio repeater sites in the hopes of improving communications between the Hab and EVA teams. Documentary and drone footage was also collected during these activities. The crew has fallen into a comfortable routine of life at MDRS, though inconsistent sleep seems to be elusive for many of the crew. The dryness of the Martian climate is a challenge for those who hail from more temperate and moist climes. Overall, however, the crew seems healthy with a couple of members on the backside of head colds picked up in their travels to the station. Note: Some crew members are unable to send their reports because they are unable to access their email server. As a result, the Crew Commander is sending those.

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