EVA Report – November 27th

Crew 216 EVA Report 27-Nov-19
EVA # 05
Author: Levesque
Purpose of EVA: To explore suitability for possible radio repeater sites close to the Hab. Collect footage for documentary.
Start time for EVA: 0930
End time for EVA: 1130
Narrative: EVA #5 was our crew’s first non-rover EVA. We left the Airlock at 0930 with Levesque, Lawson, Alexandrova, and Kennedy. We traveled west up the bentonite hills adjacent to the Hab, stopping a few times for footage and oxygen absorption. At the summit of the ridge we were greeted by the majestic views in all directions, looking down onto our decorous Hab below. We then traveled south to the coordinate #1. We observed a surprising amount of fossils for Mars, but found the road in good condition and excellent for travel. From location #1 we stopped, did some filming, and returned north on the road we had been traveling. We arrived at the coordinate #2 shortly after. This is the site of the old repeater according to our documents. We evaluated the suitability of the location. It would do well for comms east west and south, but site #3 would most likely provide a better overall coverage, especially north. We did some more filming with only minor queues from our documentarian and continued north on the Hab Ridge road. Shortly after we came to the break in the ridge and the old access road. We followed this down until we were at the foot of the north ridge, the base of the hill of coordinate #3. We were concerned that with the time we had left that it would be cutting it close, so we elected to reevaluate the location at a later EVA and return to the Hab. We did some minor filming and savored how we are living our best lives. We did a quick external evaluation of the Hab and returned to the airlock approximately at 1130.
Destination: In the vicinity of Hab (within 1 km), 3 specific points listed below.
Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS):
1: 12 S 0517874 4250342.
2: 12 S 0517887 4250342.
3: 12 S 0518464 4251538.
EVA Participants: Levesque, Lawson, Alexandrova, Kennedy
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map:
1) Hab to 12 S 0517874 4250342 on foot
2) 12 S 0517874 4250342 to 12 S 0517887 4250342 on foot
3) 12 S 0517887 4250342 to 12 S 0518464 4251538 on foot
4) 12 S 0518464 4251538 to Hab on foot
5) Total distance 3.5 km
Mode of travel: Walking with powerful self determination
Vehicles used: N/A

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