Journalist Report – November 22th

Crew 216 Journalist Report 27-NOV-19
Sol 3
Author: Evgenia Alexandrova

Light goes up and the water pump notifies you that the new day on Mars has just began. You have your dehydrated breakfast and hurry to spend next 20 minutes dressing up and preparing the gear for an EVA. Here you are: spacesuit on with the ventilation whispering in your ear and your back telling you why on Earth (oops on Mars) would you want to go out today. You spend 40 minutes climbing with your spacesuit that hides your feet from your sight of view, with your gear (and here you start considering downshifting) and you slide, and you almost fall. Once on top you can’t even breath, neither see anything because of the fog from your breath. And suddenly… You get a stroke. A happiness stroke. You see that view and just realize you are exactly where you wished you were at that very moment. Happiness is a choice. And ARES 216 chose MDRS.

So our EVA was quite enough

To the top of the ridge it was tough

She filmed us all three

For a documentree

And she carried a boat load of stuff

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