Sol Summary – January19th

MAU-MDRS Crew 220

Sol Summary Report 19-01-2020

Sol: Pre-Sim Day 1

Summary Title: All Our Bags Are Packed, We’re Ready to Go…

Author’s name: Shawna Pandya, Commander

Mission Status: Really really nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Today both MAU & MDRS crews set about preparing to enter sim in the AM. For the MDRS crew, this entailed cleaning the Hab, moving supplies and personal gear into the hab, sorting and dividing up food rations with the MAU crew, completing the MDRS entry quiz (the crew of 12 passed on the first try – well done!), completing Hab orientation, undergoing EVA and rover training and finishing the night up with a joint MDRS-MAU dinner, completing pre-sim surveys and briefing a plan for tomorrow. From the MAU side, in addition to the above, the crew finished setting up base camp and established an internal power system (great job guys!!)

Look Ahead Plan: Sim starts tomorrow. First reconnaissance EVAs with station-to-station EVA coordination planned, 2 in the AM (1 for MAU, 1 for MDRS), and 2 in the afternoon (1 for MAU, 1 for MDRS). MAU crew to continue to optimize base camp set-up.

Anomalies in work: Network failure noted at 1800 local time – network status restored; Generator failure noted – currently on Emergency power protocol with minimal power usage. MAU – No anomalies.

Weather: 0C in AM, 10C in the afternoon, light to no wind with thin cloud cover.

Crew Physical Status: All well (MAU crew says they are really, really cold but are establishing heat with the new internal systems (hooray!). MDRS sympathizes with them).

Reports to be filed:
Sol Summary
Journalist’s Summary
Ops/Engineering Report
Photo Report
GreenHab Report
Support Requested: Will leave trash in rear airlock tonight.

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