Commander Report – January 26th

Crew 220, MAU

Sol 7 Commander’s Report

Author: Shawna Pandya, Commander

Title: Fly Me to the MAU…

A new sol, a new station. In the morning XO Svensoy and I ran some further medical training and drills with the MAU-MDRS crew, including the METHANE protocol for calling in a major incident, redrilling P-MARCH-P for a primary trauma survey, and going over CPR techniques. We were so impressed with the crew’s ability to learn take on complex concepts in a short amount of time.

In ongoing project news, I have been able to get the sensors back online for one of our biometric study, which was a HUGE win after trying to do so for the past few days.

Later on, XO Svensoy and I packed up and moved out for MAU station, with Officer Kainu briefing us as to the station operations. We are delighted with the station and look forward to building a culture and program that is associated with the MAU crew. As a good portent, XO Svensoy has put up some stars up on the station, so I can indeed say that the constellations are different at MAU station.

Looking forward to the spls ahead…

Commander Pandya
MAU Station

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