EVA Report Apr 14th

Crew 245 EVA Report 14APR2021

EVA # 3

Author: Dylan Dickstein

Purpose of EVA: Discover emergency shelter locations and perform soil sampling.

Start time: 900 MDT

End time: 1200 MDT

Narrative: After spending five minutes in the airlock, the Crew Scientist and Commander got in the Rover Perseverance and the HSO mounted ATV 1. The EVA crew started heading north on Cow Dung Road and found that about 0.5 km north of Pooh’s Corner, communication between the Hab and the EVA crew became noisy with static. Less than 0.5 km further, all communication was lost. The EVA crew decided to turn around and return to reobtain communication. The EVA crew notified the Hab of the loss of communication further north and inquired about a change in destination. The Hab asked OUTPOST for recommendations on whether to proceed or change destination. OUTPOST informed the Hab that loss of communication is acceptable, so long as the EVA team can communicate among each other. The Hab and EVA crew discussed contingency scenarios if the EVA crew did not return by the end of the EVA window. It was settled that phone communication would be used past the window as a safety mechanism to ensure the EVA team is alright. This would be a purposeful break in simulation to maintain the safety of the participants. The EVA crew then continued north and parked the rover and ATV at the edge of the Special Region. The GPS coordinates were marked on the device and were checked against the target. It was found that the EVA crew was southeast of the destination by approximately 0.4 km. The EVA crew set out on foot and identified a potential emergency shelter location on the way. The location was marked on the GPS and the quality of the shelter was determined. The team found a location within 0.1 km of the target and retrieved two sets of soil samples there. An additional potential shelter was found, but time only allowed for a coordinate on the GPS device to be obtained. The EVA crew gave a 1.5x contingency on the return time (e.g. 25 minutes expected, so 38 minutes were allotted for return time). The EVA crew began the return at the start of the 38 minute window. A few stops were made to mark various points on the GPS and check that the EVA crew was holding up well. The Crew Scientist attempted to reestablish communication with the Hab within 2 km of the location where communication was lost previously. Attempts were made every 30 seconds thereafter. About 0.5 km north of the location where communication was previously lost, the Hab returned our call with static. A coordinate was marked in the GPS device. The EVA team informed the Hab about the highlights from the mission and called when the Hab was in sight. Permission was received for entering the “Hab Zone” (Entrance Road), the rover and ATV were parked, rover power cord reattached, tachometer and battery level noted, and permission to enter the airlock received. The Hab let the EVA team know when five minutes elapsed and suits were doffed.

Destination: Gateway to Lith

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS):

· Destination: 12 S 0518243.330; UTM 4256029.805

· Emergency Shelter 1: 12 S 0518123; UTM 4255729

· Emergency Shelter 2: 12 S 0518239; UTM 4255852

· Waypoints:

o Soil Sample Location 1: 12 S 0518224; UTM 4255901

o Soil Sample Location 2: 12 S 0518223; UTM 4255924

o Northern Edge of Canyon Bluff (Nearest Road): 12 S 0518176; UTM 4255859

o Location of Hab Communication Reestablishment: 12 S 0519154; UTM 4251928

Participants: Olivia Ettlin (Crew Scientist), Alex Coultrup (Health and Safety Officer), Dylan Dickstein (Commander)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map:

· Departure Route: Hab à Road Entrance à Cow Dung Road à Quarry Road à Gateway to Lith

· Return Route: Gateway to Lith à Quarry Road à Cow Dung Road à Road Entrance à Hab

Mode of travel: Rover, ATV, Walking

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