EVA Report #8 – April 18th

Crew 245 EVA Report 04-18-2021

EVA # 8

Author: Health and Safety Officer Alex Coultrup

Purpose of EVA: Gathering soil samples and scouting for emergency shelters.

Start time: 1015 MDT

End time: 1335 MDT

Narrative: The EVA this morning started slightly after the beginning of the approved EVA window, as the crew was carefully gathering and sterilizing required scientific instruments according to XO Hume’s Planetary Protection Protocols. After we suited up and completed our 5-minute decompression in the airlock, we loaded our supplies into the Perseverance rover. Commander Dickstein and Crew Scientist Ettlin drove the Rover and HSO Coultrup took the ATV Serial Number 2. Starting charge on the Rover was 100% with 203.3 hours and the ATV required some choke before starting.

We traveled from the Hab to Entrance Road and proceeded south on Cow Dung Road for approximately 6 minutes until we reached Robert’s Rock Garden. Upon reaching the beginning of Robert’s Rock Garden, we parked our vehicles safely by selecting a spot on the side of the road where it was still fairly straight, before the sharp turns into the rock garden began. Using the analog map, we confirmed that our travel calculations had been accurate. From there, we embarked on foot to explore the rock garden and determine points of interest. As always, we carried the EVA med kit with us for this.

While at the rock garden, we conducted a thorough exploration and surveyed the area for locations that might make for suitable emergency shelters. We also collected multiple soil samples for our scientific research. When we had completed gathering the samples, we returned to our vehicles and proceeded north on Cow Dung Road to Entrance Road, and back to the Hab. Upon returning, the Rover displayed 203.5 hours and 100% charge.

Destination: Robert’s Rock Garden

Coordinates of Destination: Robert’s Rock Garden: 12S 0518352, UTM 4249206

Participants: Crew Scientist Olivia Ettlin, Commander Dylan Dickstein, and Health and Safety Officer Alex Coultrup

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Hab to Entrance Rd, then South on Cow Dung road to Robert’s Rock Garden. Cow Dung Road to Entrance Rd, then back to the Hab.

Mode of travel: 2 team members in Perseverance Rover, 1 team member following close behind on ATV serial #2. All three members of the team walked the destination from the location where we parked the rovers safely on the side of the road.

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