EVA Report – April 22nd

Crew 245 EVA Report 04-22-2021

EVA # 11

Author: Shayna Hume, Executive Officer

Purpose of EVA: Gathering soil samples on a ridge area.

Start time: 1000 MDT

End time: 1200 MDT (planned 1300, actual 1200)

Narrative: The EVA this morning started on schedule after the crew had carefully gathering and sterilizing required scientific instruments in order to meet the crew’s determined Planetary Protection Protocols. After suiting up, the crew waited 5 minutes before exiting. Today, the crew departed from the Hab and Hab Grounds by foot, heading northwest.

After a thirty-minute hike, we reached the top of the western ridge and began heading North towards Schubert’s Pass. After taking soil samples along the ridge, the team took a few minutes to admire the incredible view of North Ridge, Schubert’s Pass, and the western buttes.

After determining there were no valid candidates for emergency shelter, the team headed back along the 1103 route pointed out by the outpost as advice. The team managed a very quick return by foot to the Hab and was in the airlock just before 1200.

Destination: Schubert’s Pass

Participants: Executive Officer, Botanist, Engineer

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Walking up near a ridge slope by the Hab, taking 1103 walking back.

Mode of travel: Walking.
Shayna Hume, Executive Officer
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