Crew 228 Sol 11 Summary October 8th

Sol: 11

Summary Title: The Mission Winds Down

Author’s name: Dave Laude

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

After breakfast discussed the day’s activities, mostly cleaning and preparing campus for our departure.

Lindsay continued metagenomic regolith experiments in the ScienceDome and
Inga prepared for her upcoming presentation at the Mars Society
Conference. She will present machine learning findings about social
dynamics in space analogs.

For a Show and Tell during lunch break Dave talked about radio in the early 1920s and demonstrated a 1924 battery operated 2-tube receiver.

Dave and Inga took food inventory and entire crew performed general cleaning.

Weather: Cloudy, windy, dark, light rain and cold. Nice day to stay inside, clean and write reports.

Crew Physical Status: All crew nominal, except one scraped back of hand on irregular piece of wood. Very little slow bleeding stopped itself in a few minutes. Wound cleaned and bandaged.

EVA: None

Reports to be filed: Commander, Science, Photo, Sol Summary, Journalist.

Support Requested: None


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