Crew 260 Journalist Report for November 1st

Sol: 0 01 November 2021

Summary Title: On the Threshold of the Mission

Author’s name: Adela Genoves

We began the day with a crew breakfast and sampled some of the freezer dried blueberries with our pancakes. Had coffee and met all the crewmembers that arrived last night and this morning.

After breakfast, we met as a crew to formally introduce ourselves and learn more about the sim experience. The crew member were each given a gift of several Mars themed books and pre-sized space suits. We visited the lab, greenhouse, and utility shop. We tried on the different space suits and helmets to determine size.

Lunch was around noon. The crew ate fresh baked bread and quesadillas.

After lunch the crew received a tutorial on how to use the Rovers. We partnered up and drove the rovers to the lookout point, then we continued on the road to the quarry. We explored the quarry for about 20 minutes and handled some bone fossils that Jen identified. We drove the Rovers back to MDRS.

Once we were back on campus, crew members walked around the site, chatted with one another, cleaned batteries for the Rovers, worked in the greenhouse, and overall, the crew made themselves useful.

The crew prepared their first freeze dried dinner, inventoried the food supplies, and wrote a meal agenda. The crew determined jobs and expectations for the sim.

After dinner, the team gathered around the table to discuss rules of sim, write bios, and type up summary reports


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