Crew 260 Sol Summary for November 2nd

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Crew 260 Sol Summary Report 02-11-2021

Sol: 1

Summary Title: I got a rock!

Author’s name: Jen Carver-Hunter

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Our morning started with a lesson about Mars’ geologic periods and analogous processes that occurred at MDRS, forming the specimens we decided to collect on EVAs. Both EVA teams successfully completed their missions. After successful EVAs, crew members identified and labeled their samples, which they added to their “Mars rocks” kits.

Look Ahead Plan: Finish sample collection (EVA 3), sample categorization and analysis, rocket construction

Anomalies in work: No anomalies

Weather: Sunny, warm, and pleasant

Crew Physical Status: One crew member fell down a few stairs during the night and injured their knee. Injury was not serious enough to need professional medical attention, but has limited crewmember’s ability to participate in EVAs. The rest of the crew has made modifications to support all crew members while maintaining sim.

EVA: Geologic sample collection on the road to Barranca Butte and Kissing Camel Ridge.

Reports to be filed: Operations report, Journalist report, EVA request

Support Requested: None at this time.

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