Crew 260 Sol Summary for November 4th

Crew 260 Sol Summary Report 04-11-2021

Sol: 3

Summary Title: The end of sim

Author’s name: Jen Carver-Hunter

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: After eating our last breakfast in sim, we returned to Earth for a final lesson with Dr Rupert and Atila about biosignatures. Following our lesson, we went out into the “field” to the east of the Hab to look for biosignatures. We specifically focused on finding desert varnish and lichen. After returning to the Hab, we took a group field trip into town to visit Kathy at the rock shop, and enjoyed burgers and shakes at Stan’s. Returning to the Hab for our last afternoon together was bittersweet. We donned flight suits one last time to launch rockets. Then several members of the crew returned to road 1101 to search for the elusive purple galaxy rock. Upon their return, we began our end of mission duties – cleaning and writing reports.

Look Ahead Plan: Finish cleaning and check out

Anomalies in work: No anomalies

Weather: Sunny, warm, and pleasant

Crew Physical Status: All good

EVA: No official EVA

Reports to be filed: Operations report, Journalist report, end of mission summary

Support Requested: none at this time

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