Sol Summary #2 – November 3rd

Crew 260 Sol Summary Report 03-11-2021

Sol: 2

Summary Title: I found my thrill…

Author’s name: Jen Carver-Hunter

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: The morning started with an EVA to collect the final geologic samples needed for our science objectives. We realized that our EVA (as planned) would leave the Hab manned with only one crew member, so David and Katie were chosen to remain at the Hab, but would be given the opportunity to complete their science objectives on a second EVA. EVA team 1 drove north on Cow Dung Rd, and easily maneuvered onto Brahe Hwy. After a short drive, we stopped to collect our geologic samples, and were thrilled to discover an entire hill covered with gryphaea. After collecting sufficient samples, we returned to rovers and headed back toward the Hab, stopping at a previously unexplored area between Brahe Hwy and Cowboy Corner. There we looked for “blueberries,” but were unsuccessful in meeting that objective. EVA team 1 returned to the Hab as planned at 1100. Once team 1 returned to the Hab, EVA team 2 prepared to leave. EVA team 2 followed the same route as team 1, but were more successful in finding “blueberries” in the previously unexplored area. EVA team 2 returned to the Hab with plenty of samples at 12:30. After a delicious lunch of “Explorer’s pie,” the crew continued sorting, categorizing, and labeling their geologic samples. Then, they built rockets!

Look Ahead Plan: Biosignature lesson with Dr Rupert, Biosignature fieldwork (out of sim), rocket launch (out of sim)

Anomalies in work: No anomalies

Weather: Sunny, warm, and pleasant

Crew Physical Status: All crew are healthy and strong. The injured knee has not gotten any worse, and the injured crew member continues to support the remaining crew as much as physically possible.

EVA: Geologic sample collection

Reports to be filed: Operations report, Journalist report

Support Requested: none at this time

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