Crew 239 Sol Summary for November 7th

Crew 239 Sol Summary Report 11-07-2021

Sol: 1

Summary Title: Beginning of sim

Author’s name: Madison Rooth

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: We arrived in Hollow Mountain to fuel the CrewCar at 10:55am and arrived at the Hab at 11:45am. We conducted an overview of the site and met with Shannon shortly after. After system introductions and acclimating the Crew to their new surroundings, two members, XO Madison Rooth and ENG Aidan Moga followed Shannon into Hanksville to fill the HabCar tank with water from Hollow Mountain. Due to difficulties with the hose and pump, it took several hours to pump the water into the Static Tank. After this was completed, HSO Emily Milne and GHO Cynthia Montanez made the second trip into town to fill the HabCar tank and transfer it to the Static Tank. CO Keith Crisman, MCA Brian Murphy, and XO Madison Rooth repaired the window in the Hab’s main door due to it breaking from the high winds.

Look Ahead Plan: Conduct Marble Ritual EVAs

Anomalies in work: No anomalies

Weather: Sunny and windy

Crew Physical Status: All good


Reports to be filed: HSO Report

Support Requested: None at this time

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