Sol Summary – January 5th

Sol: 03

Summary Title: Rest, Recharge, Regroup

Author’s name: P.J. Marcellino, XO

Mission Status: Underway, Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Crew 238 took Sol 03 to reassess our research and logistical priorities and to reorganize and maximize the remainder of our time on Mars, taking into account what we now know about the physical demands of the interior and exterior space/activities.

All crew stayed on-site, but Eng. Werner spent much of his day in the RAM, while others set up an upcoming activity in the GreenHab and the Science Dome.

This was Day 2 of our Braided Communications study through City Univ. of London, the first of its kind, observing the effects of latency communication in feelings of connection with loved ones — an essential tool for further long-distance exploration.

Look Ahead Plan: Looking forward to implementing Crew 238’s planned activities, starting on Sol 04.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny, Clear Sky, Crisp

Crew Physical Status: Nominal, if slightly exhausted (recovering)

EVA: N/A today. The request will be sent for Sol 04

Reports to be filed: Operations Report, Journalist Report, EVA Request

Support Requested: Final resupply with oatmeal (this AM). Thank you for the coffee filters. We couldn’t survive without them.

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