Sol Summary – January 9th

Crew 238 Sol Summary Report 09Jan2022


Summary Title: Welcoming a Visitor to MDRS

Author’s name: Sionade Robinson

Mission Status: Ongoing

Sol Activity Summary: Today we welcomed Oliver Conroy, a feature
journalist with the Guardian newspaper, to MDRS. The visit had been
proposed by the Mars Society prior to our rotation, and accommodated
by the crew. After some final COVID testing by our HSO, we admitted
our visitor into the Habitat, shared our research work, gave him a
tour of the campus and entertained him to a lunch of lentil soup, bean
casserole and cinnamon apple crumble. He also greatly enjoyed
sourdough wholewheat bread cooked by Aga Pokrywka. He remarked he
hadn’t expected we would be eating so well. After lunch our visitor
accompanied three crew to walk the temporary labyrinth drawn yesterday
and witness an Emergency Drill (astronaut rescue) successfully
executed. The journalist left us at 4pm with an invitation to share
further crew experiences post rotation.

Look Ahead Plan: Two sequential afternoon EVA requests – the first a
visit to Area D for geologic, bacterial and radiation sampling and a
second short EVA to transport Dr Sandor to visit temporary labyrinth
drawn yesterday under her tuition and record walking experience.

Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Sunny and warm. No wind

Crew Physical Status: Nominal.

EVA: Afternoon walking EVA (Robinson, Turner, Pokrywka) to walk
temporary labyrinth, followed by Emergency Drill exercise with two
person rescue team and prone astronaut recovery back to Hab.

Reports to be filed: Sol, Operations, EVA Report, Journalist and HSO report.

Support Requested: Approval for two afternoon EVAs, one to Area D
(Pokrywka, Werner and Turner) for sampling and one to transport Dr
Sandor to record a walk in the temporary labyrinth drawn yesterday
under her tuition.

Additional Support: Collection and disposal of burnable and
non-burnable rubbish in the airlock. Thank you.

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