Sol Summary – January 10th

Crew 238 Sol Summary Report 10Jan2022


Summary Title: Competitive Spirulina Incubation Begins

Author’s name: Sionade Robinson

Mission Status: Ongoing

Sol Activity Summary: Over recent days our crew artist Aga has been introducing us to – spirulina, one of the oldest organisms on earth and described as a triggering mechanism for evolution. We each now have a test tube with our own samples of Spirulina to take care of for the next three days. We have begun.

We completed an Emergency Fire Drill and debriefed.

Two EVAs were successfully executed one to Area D and one to visit the temporary labyrinth on campus with Dr. Sandor.

Look Ahead Plan: EVA to be requested to Baranca Butte, Area I, for geological sampling and on return a follow-up stop at Kissing Camels to analyse layers and photograph inverted channel. Robinson, Pokrywka, and Sandor to remain in Hab to work on research.
Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Sunny and warm. No wind

Crew Physical Status: Nominal.

EVA: Morning EVA to Area D with Werner, Pokrywka, Turner and short afternoon EVA with Dr Sandor to walk the temporary labyrinth on campus, drawn under her supervision.

Reports to be filed: Sol, Operations, EVA Reports, Journalist and HSO report.

Support Requested: None

Additional Support: None

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