Research Report – January 12th

Astronomy Report

Name: Agnieszka Pokrywka

Crew: 238

Date: 01/12/2022


Robotic Telescope Requested: Montana Learning Center

Objects Viewed: 104P Kowal, C 2019 L3 ATLAS

Problems Encountered: The observations of the two comets listed above were performed most likely with a partially cloudy sky therefore the pictures are not very clear.

I attach the remaining four observations (in the following order: Ceres_220108, IC1805_220108, 104PKowal_220112, C2019L3ATLAS_220112). These were composed out of 4 exposure files (Red, Green, Blue, Lum) without calibration. I aim to work on these after returning from the mission.

These are all observations I was ought to conduct during Crew 238 shift. The Astronomy Laptop will be placed downstairs in the Hab.


Not used.

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