Journalist Report – January 19th

The best cake on Mars!

Today we decided to do some Mars Home Cooking! The selected recipe: Banana cake :D, we started our cooking at 12:00pm and the idea was to get the cake ready before EVA#2 but after checking the required cooking time, it was not possible. Commander Yael, Green Hab Officer Maria Paula Bustos and Crew Scientist Felipe Torres left for EVA#2 while the cake was baking. When they returned, the cake was ready! And we were happy to have some sweet cake after today’s EVAs when we had the first bite. Oh no! D: it was salty, what a letdown! :c Maria Paula then told us that large amounts of cinnamon actually make food salty and that when she had tried a dish like that before, she got a similar result. The dish she made that time was banana cupcakes actually :O so it was like having a flashback for her. After a while, some questions aroused. Did the cookbook say it would be sweet? The answer was… no.

Alright, did the cookbook says it would taste good? The answer was… no. Alright, did the cookbook say it was a cake? The answer was… no! hahaha xD it was actually bread! Even though you can expect the banana bread to be sweet, it is likely to be salty or with very little taste being bread. The whole experience was a funny moment and we had a great laugh. Although it has its salty flavor, I think you can figure out why this is the best cake on mars. If not, think about this, what other cake is on mars right now?

Other activities done today

I got up today and I made eggs for breakfast and for all the crew, Commander Yael and I were prepared for the EVA, we did the depressurization procedure and got out, the EVA was great! I had a little problem with my earpiece, but the rest was awesome, you can see some pictures taken by us in the daily photos we walked around Marble Ritual and saw the hab from far away! When we got back we noticed that one of the ventilation ducts was loose, we’re expecting further instructions about it. And finally, I can also say that the Toilet tank is now empty, hopefully, the experience was not as terrible as I expected it to be!

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