EVA Report

Crew 226 EVA Report 22-01-2022

EVA # 4

Author: Felipe Torres, Crew Scientist

Purpose of EVA: Recognition of the lithology of the zone. We would recognize the area to identify the convenience of collecting geologic samples in this zone. Additionally, our crew geologist would train our other crew members so that they would also able to collect samples needed as followed by our mission plan; this in case she is not able to go out on an EVA for some reason so that she’s not the only one capable of fulfilling this activity but that any crew member could do so.

Start time: 9:10 am

End time: 10:25 am

Narrative: The crew prepared the necessary tools to collect our clay samples: hammer, shovels, zip-lock bags. Also, we brought out a small rodent we captured last night so we could free him outside during the EVA.

While we were getting the crew members into their spacesuits right before leaving the Hab, we realized that the ventilation for one of the suits was not working and decided to switch for another spacesuit while we resolved the issue for the other one. We tried charging it for a while which was unsuccessful and then tried changing the charger and finally it started working. This will be discussed further by the Crew Engineer in our Operations Report for today.

Due to the short distance from Hab to Phobos Peak, we decided the best mode of travel would be by foot. So, our commander, crew HSO and crew engineer went ahead to explore this zone in search of our clays of interest.

The location was pretty easy to find as it was even visible from the Hab. Different types of clays of different colors could be observed, and what seemed to be white clay from a reasonable distance, happened to be just snow. We collected our clays, for which we decided to collect two different samples, one was a red clay and the other one was a gray/white clay. These samples will be studied at a laboratory in Colombia, in an instrument that identifies the material’s mineralogy, to then compare these techniques with those of the instruments that Perseverance on Mars has on one of its robotic arms.

Our commander explained to the other crew members a little about clays, and why these were of interest for our Mission plan. Also she showed them examples of clays and which ones would be most interesting to collect.

Crew came back to Hab with no anomalies and before the stipulated time, as the scientific purpose was accomplished on time.

In general, this was a pretty successful EVA.

Destination: Phobos Peak

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 519300, 4250300

Participants: Yael Mendez, Carlos Salazar, Cristian Acosta

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: MDRS Entrance Road, Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: by foot

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