Journalist Report – January 26th

Journalist Report 26Jan2022
Yael Méndez
Commander- Crew 226

The days on Mars have passed quietly. The entire crew is completing their projects and preparing for their trip back to Earth.

The morning began with a delicious tortilla breakfast with the combination of ingredients that all of us chose (corn, cheese, onions, pepper sauce), and Paula was the one who cooked it.

Later, we prepared for a very productive EVA, at 10 am, heading for Phobos Peak. A walk filled with colors so we got to know the soil and rock conditions of this place. Sand and clay drew the landscapes of Mars.

After collecting samples, we headed to the Hab, where Cristian and Felipe were waiting for us with a delicious spinach soup with pieces of chicken.

Today I thought that each one of us is very important to this crew, we all have something to teach. Today, for example, Carlos gave us an engineering class, he really has the soul of a teacher.

The life experiences of each one have strengthened us as a great team. Science and engineering stories, ideals to form a company in the aerospace field, love relationships experiences of each crew member, and the calm and comfortable way of taking everything as learning, have given us the motivation to continue with this dream to explore the red planet.

Certainly, each one will go their own way and possibly it will be years before we meet again but in my mind, they will always be the memories, the experiences, and the laughter of the Crew 226, my crew.

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