Journalist Report – January 28th

Journal Report Sol 11 – 28Jan2022

Crew 226

The night sky is a beautiful sight to gaze upon and it was precisely what Cristian and Maria Paula saw late at night early Friday morning. The time was 12:30 am and the temperature was -6° C but that didn’t matter because they could not pass out on the opportunity to witness the Milky Way galaxy. Betelgeuse and the big dipper were some of their favorites to stare upon amongst the millions of other stars visible in the void.

This morning has been a little melancholic. We all are already mesmerized about all the experiences together on Mars.

Today at noon we officially ended our simulation. We started to get ready to get back to Earth, Felipe made some breakfast, the menu: Eggs with Spam, it was good. Then we started checking the SOC level since there was a power issue yesterday and Atila gently asked us to do so. During that time we did some cleaning, commander Yael started writing the mission summary report and asked us to share some info about our projects.
At around 10 am we were all working on the final details of our research results to finish the Mission Summary Report.
After that, Felipe and Maria Paula made lunch, he made a pizza and she made a delicious salad made with ingredients from the green-hab. Felipe also made a chocolate mousse for dessert that is in the freezer right now, I know that it will be delicious.

We watched a soccer match, Colombia vs Peru, for the 2022 Qatar World Cup Qualifiers. We were all super excited because both teams were tied in points and it would be a decisive win. Also, our dear friend Atila is Peruvian so we all had him in our minds during the game. Colombia dominated the game, but we all know it’s not about who dominates the game, it’s about which team scores the most goals… 1-0 win for Peru. Congrats Atila and Sebastian!

We played some thumb war and did some arm wrestling, Cristian is pretty strong!

Later on, we started doing the food inventory and some more cleaning to get the Hab ready and squeaky clean for the next crew rotation.

Bye-bye Mars, until next time…

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