Eva Report – March 7th

Crew 263 EVA Report 07-03-2022

EVA # 18

Author: Nicolas WATTELLE

Purpose of EVA: Atmospheric Experiment Maintenance, Augmented Reality Mapping in zone J

Start time: 9:03

End time: 11:23


Nicolas, Mathéo and Cerise first checked all rovers’ batteries. They then moved to the Atmospheric experiment zone using Spirit and Perseverance. There, they changed batteries of MegaAres, PurpleAir and LOAC. But LOAC had trouble restarting, so they decided to take it back in the Hab in order to repair it, and put it back on the field tomorrow.

At 9:27 they moved towards White Rock Canyon, and arrived at 9:50. Perseverance’s battery was at 63% charged and Spirit’s one 73%.

9:55: Mathéo flied his drone around the zone in order to spot the best way to enter the Canyon.

10:00: Nicolas, Cerise and Mathéo started walking to the Canyon entrance.

10:11: Arrival inside the Canyon. Mathéo then started using the Hololens, but struggled to see Augmented Reality information because of natural luminosity. Then they walked through the Canyon, mapping the place. The mapping did not stay in place during the verification phase.

11:02: Nicolas, Cerise and Mathéo took back the rovers and headed to the station.

11:20: Arrival at MDRS. Perseverance’s battery was at 43% charged and Spirit’s one 61%.

11:23: Nicolas, Cerise and Mathéo entered the Airlock. Pressurization ended at 11h28.

Destination: Intersection between Cow Dung Road and Entrance Road. The atmospheric experiment devices are set up in a circle of radius 2 m. Zone J. Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 518288 E, 4250586 N

Participants : Nicolas Wattelle, Mathéo Fouchet, Cerise Cuny

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Entrance Road, Cow Dung Road (heading to South)

Mode of travel: rover, foot

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