EVA Report March 8th

Crew 263 EVA 18 Report 08-03-2022

EVA # 19

Author: Marine Prunier

Purpose of EVA: Replacing the batteries for the atmospheric experiments, Analysis of sulfate deposits using a handheld LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analyzer.

Start time: 08:12

End time: 12:34

Narrative: EVA Participants entered the airlock at 08:12. Depressurization ended at 08:17. EVA participants checked the rover batteries. The obtained information is:

Perseverance: Usage Duration – 228.1 Battery Charge – 100%

Spirit: Usage Duration – 157.7 Battery Charge – 100%

Opportunity: Usage Duration – 85.8 Battery Charge – 100%

Curiosity: Usage Duration – 169.9 Battery Charge – 100%

The EVA participants took Opportunity and Curiosity at 08:17 and drove on Entrance Road until Cow Dung Road. Batteries of the Atmospheric Experiments -LOAC, Mega-Ares, Purple Air- were replaced. The old batteries were placed on the rover trunks (08:40).

The participants drove on Cow Dung Road to the southern end of Galileo Road 1104 towards Candor Chasma. From there, the canyon was reached by foot. The EVA participants took about one hour to find the entrance of the canyon. Their GPS went out of battery at the beginning of the EVA, and they took the wrong direction. The correct path to the canyon was finally found and was documented with notes and pictures for a potential other EVA in this area.

Inside the canyon, the participants made several stops to proceed on sketches and pictures. A software issue with the LIBS analyzer prevented the participants to use it on the field, therefore several samples of rocks have been taken for further analysis at the station.

At 11:13, the participants left the point of interest inside the Canyon. At 11:55 they reached the rovers parked on Galileo Road. They arrived back near the Atmospheric Experiments at 12:07 and stopped there for 15 minutes to extract data from Mega-Ares. They drove back to the Hab at 12:27.

Opportunity: Usage Duration – 86.3 Battery Charge – 77%

Curiosity: Usage Duration – 170.3 Battery Charge – 76%

They entered Airlock and at 12:34 the pressurization was over.

Destination: Zone G -final expected point of interest is located at coordinate 4251533.157 N 521043.495 E.

Participants: Marine Prunier (EVA leader), Léa Rouverand, Valentine Bourgeois. HabCom was Cerise Cuny.

Elena Lopez-Contreras was supposed to participate to the EVA, but she woke up feeling tired and decided that it would be safer to stay at the Hab and have some rest.

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Entrance Road, Cow Dung Road, Galileo Road 1104.

Mode of travel: Rover for battery change and then until the entrance of Candor Chasma, By Foot in Candor Chasma.

Vehicles you will be using (If applicable): Curiosity, Opportunity

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